Albert Einstein once said “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”

Software engineering is one of those paths you walk into feeling good once you start to understand something, until you realize you really don’t. The field of programming is constantly changing and growing. Sometimes, you might feel as though you can never catch up — such as learning a new framework, only to have a new version come out and now you have to learn something new again.

It can be quite frustrating, not feeling like you can ever plant your feet to…


I love Codesmith.

I’ve officially graduated from Codesmith’s intensive 3 month program. As a software engineer, my confidence is always wavering. When it’s at its peak, imposter syndrome somehow creeps up at me and eats away at the little confidence I had mustered for myself. If you feel the same way or want to hear more about my experience, I wrote about it here!

When I first started Codesmith and met my cohort mates, I felt intimidated to be surrounded by such a group of talented people. I was afraid that I would be behind. I didn’t want to ask questions, because I…

Take a moment and think of your current job. How do you feel when you’re done for the day? Do you feel exhausted? Stressed? Relieved? Now take a guess: how many people would say they feel fulfilled? You’re right, not a lot.

In 2010, Deloitte’s Shift Index Survey indicated that 80% of workers were dissatisfied with their jobs. In 2013, the Shift Index showed that the number had increased to 89%. Recently, WSJ reported in 2015 that 49.6% of people feel satisfied with their job, a slight increase from 2014 which was 48.3%. …

First and foremost, let’s start by defining what the Fundamental Attribution Error is. The Fundamental Attribution Error is when you make a judgement about someone’s personality based off their behavior within a situation without considering how other factors that may have played a role. Or simply put, a false assumption.

Suppose you’re driving in a semi busy road and cuts in front of you and speeds off. Chances are, you may have shouted a few profanities here and there, followed by some name calling. Now, pause. Did you notice how easy it was for you to quickly make assumptions about…

“I’m too old for that” is not an excuse. At least it’s not for Al Blaschke, from Texas, and Glenn Quillin from Illinois, both whom skydived on their 100th birthday. These age defying centenarians are proof that age is not a limitation-the only limitation that is holding you back is yourself.

So, why are these centenarians taking a leap off a plane. Moments before the plane took off, there was an accident in which another skydiver made a hard landing in front of Quillins’ family who had gathered together to watch Quillin. …


Everyone’s a nerd inside.

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